Winner of the Globe-Horn Book Award

Once a year cousins Madge and Paul visit Goldengrove, their grandmother's idyllic Cornish home. But one year as summer turns to autumn and as they are drawn from childhood to maturity, their seemingly indomitable grandmother turns to winter, and the precious moments of innocence begin to be swept away...

Years later Madge, now living at Goldengrove, reflects on her own grandchildren and the events and revelations which disturbed the tranquillity of her childhood, as current events begin to strike echoes from the past. Against a stunning Cornish backdrop, Goldengrove Unleaving is a lasting tale of innocence and beauty amidst the calm and storm of changing lives.

Praise for Goldengrove Unleaving:

"An extremely good story, marvellously told. As the story gathers momentum, the deeply understood characters, the golden atmosphere, the small change of everyday pleasures and ageless tragedies are all put over with such newly seen immediacy and such controlled mastery that the reader is carried along like a surf rider on the crest of a wave, knowing it must soon break." The Times Literary Supplement

"Written with an intensity of feeling and care, with a Woolf-like awareness of the instant's sensation: a story all in the present tense but with a remarkable sense of an over-shadowing past." The Guardian

"Paton Walsh doesn't tidy up the blight for which man was born. She's too wise to attempt answers about growing, living, dying, ethical choices. She exalts the mystery, the unknowing itself." The New York Times Book Review

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